Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thankful Mini Album and tutorial

Hi- Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend. Well it's winding to the end but I thought I'd pop in and share some pics of the inside of my Thankful mini Album.
I showed you the cover last week, so here's the rest of the inside pages and spine. I used an accordian book spine option instead of wire or rings, covering the outside with coreugated chipboard.

Here's the front view again- I added a door lock and key to the top - but other wise - all the rest is the same, it's just not joined together.

Here's a view of the side showing the spine- I used coreugated chipboard to cover the outside of the accoridian pleated spine.

And here's the inside! I have 3 tab sections- the first is Family, where I have 2 Maya Roads envelopes inserted to hold any photos I want to include.

Inside one of the Maya Roads- Photo envelopes

The Second tab - is 'Blessings'

This has library pockets where I've put strips that I numbered to count my blessings or a reminder of the things I'm most Thankful for!

The last and 3rd tab is "Recipe's". Everyone has their favorites or traditional holiday recipes-
For this tab I I decorated it with a cup and saucer chipboard element I found and filled with leaves diecut and distressed, an acorn and other elements!

I created some envelopes from long 4 x9 envelopes that I could easily tuck inside recipe cards I want to be sure to use again and again. I embellished the envelopes with stamped and paper-pieced elements using the Fruit Medley set I used the mini jar and card labels set to stamp images on the facing page.

Here's a step out tutorial, on how I created or converted the envelopes to hold my Recipe cards!
I started with 4 x 9 top loading Kraft envelopes, that I opened on one side by cutting just 1/8" off using my trimmer. 
Here you can see it with the side opened up.

Next I slide in my Recipe card and noted where I wanted to cut the excess top portion of the envelope off (which I replace later) making it fit better for my book as well as the card.
turning it I placed it in my trimmer and cut the entire top portion off.

Taking this portion - I prepared it so I could adhere it back on so that the top could be closed and the only opening would be from the side slit I cut in the first step.
laying open this top portion trim, off with your scissors or trimmer on the remaining fold side - leaving just the upper back portion with the flap of the envelope.
Now that it's separated I took my tape runner and ran adhesive along the inside back and lined it up on the end to re-position it back in place.  So now you have an envelope again just shorter!  Also you've not lost the enclosed end or the flap closure at the top.  The picture below shows the top flap back in position and the Recipe card slides into the still open slit created in the first step.
Taking the recipe card out - I used my 1/2" circle punch and cut a half circle or divet out of the side of the envelope.  This is just to helps with pullng the recipe cards in and out of their envelope holders.
Last - I licked close the top flap of the envelope, so now I have an enclosed pocket on both ends, and the slit in the side with a half circle cut out to easily slide my recipe cards in and out.

For my library pockets, they were purchased already made with their own self -adhesive backing.  So they are perfect for place back to back- and inserting as a single page with pockets on each side.

Before I placed them together - I inserted an inch strip of cardstock to extend out and use to insert into the accordian later when to create my page.  Below, you can see how it looks pealing back the paper liner revealing the adhesive
And here's my library pocket page complete!  One page with a pocket on each side.
The accordian piece itself- is made up of valley's and hills- just determine how many valley's by how many pages you plan to put in your book.  I did 1/2" deep.  So I find using my Score-Pal the easiest way to accomplish this.  I first scored an inch across and than fliped my paper to do the 1/2" in mark in between.  album covers.
 This helps when folding as the score will be going opposite ways as you fold it back and forth to form the accordian.
The length of your piece will be dictated by the size of your cover and pages.

Here's some more close-up pics of my page tabs.  You can see I had Tim Holtz tissue tape to each edge of my chipboard divider pages, these were inserted into the accorrdian and were more flexible when turning the pages.

This is a closeup of the photo mats inside the Maya Roads envelopes - just ready to mat  your favorite photos of the day or family pictures.

Thanks for stopping by-
Stamps:  The Rubber Cafe' - Mixed Fruit Medley, Mini jar, Card Labels, Remember the Moments
Ink:  Memento - Rich Cocoa, Ranger Distress Inks - Tea Dye, Bundled Sage
Paper:  Farm Papers- Sugar Hill
Adhesives:  Red line tape, Fabri-tac Glue
Embellishments:  Leaves, and acorns, metal key plate and key
Tools: 1/2" circle punch - leaf die cuts, Score Pal


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I love this!!!

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Your project turned out just great! You do such nice work and I really enjoy stopping over at your blog to see your newest creations!