Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lake News and Views from Minnesota... the Eagles have Landed!

Hi Everyone!   Well - 2012 is winding to a close!  It's so hard to believe.  That just a year ago I was planning and creating my Blog.   As I reflect back- it's been a fun and rewarding process. 

Right now I'm still in Minnesota, visiting with my family who all still live here.  Today - together with my Sister and Mother took a quick trip to Lake City, MN - to check out some local Quilt Shops!

Driving through this fun town, I was quickly reminded of how Lake City got it's name, situated right on Lake Pepin which ultimately connects to the Mississippi River the Marina was full of ships all dry docked for the winter!  Living in San Diego now, I found the contrast of this harbor to ours interesting so I took some pics!
Snow covered these boats as we've had probably a foot of snow just while I've been here !
Many had tarps and covers that looked like shrink wrap to protect the decks and exposed portions of these summer fun vessels.
Driving around town it became evident most businesses are very seasonal. 
One of the other wonderful sites along this area of Olmsted and Wabasha counties are the Eagles that live all along the Mississpi River and area Lakes.  In the summer months hundreds of Bald Eagles, nest and feed here, and in the winter hundreds more migrate here, looking for open water in and around Wabasha.  Here is where you'll find The National Eagle Center- home for rescued Bald Eagles that can no longer survive in the wild on their own- and where studies and tracking is organized for Bald Eagles and now also the Golden Eagle!
Both of these pics - were from National Eagle Center
These amazing regal creatures are wonderful to watch in the wild - and this is the time of year to do just that!
Enjoy your weekend!


scrap scha4 said...

What interesting contrasts between the two locals. You've got my mind humming with memories and comparisons with San Diego.

Gloria Stengel said...

There are times when I miss MN, but winter is not one of them, but you did take amazing photos! I also was looking at the boats and comparing them to the harbor here in Oceanside!