Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lip Smackers-Valentines Day Treat

Happy Valentines Day !

I have a quick and simple Valentines Day Treat to share.  I made these using my Silhouette diecut machine, and some simple add on embellishments I found already made.    I made 24 of these 'Lip Smackers' for a crop I went to a few weeks ago.  I just LOVE making these to share at crops and LOVE coming up with different ideas to suit the holiday or theme of the event.  I pick my drink mix based on color, but so far  my favorite is the Peach Tea! 

This particular design had an opening in the lips already which was perfect to serve as my pocket for the drink packet, and than I elongated it a bit so I was sure it would deep enough to ensure the drink packets would not fall out once placed in the pocket.  That's what I LOVE about my Silhouette, I can alter and cut my designs to suite my needs.  I was also able to cut many at once, which also helped make this a fairly quick project.

Here's a close up of these cute Lip smackers! Don't you just LOVE that cute Frog

I put a list of my supplies below - have a great day and treat yourself and spread some LOVE!

Paper - Fun shiny pink 12 x12 paper on sale at Michaels so brand unknown.
Premade Valentine phrases by K & Company
Frog embellishments- Jolee's & Co.  (12 in a pack- Yeah!)
Mini Clothespins with Heart embellishment
Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix
24 pack of Water Bottles