Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Update on Liberty !

Hi Everyone!! -  I have just a quick post-today, I wanted to share some new photos to share of Liberty - she's about 4 months old now - and today at her check-up she weighed in at 4 lbs 8 oz!  She's growing way too fast!!


Here she was when I first got her.   Only about 8 weeks old, and 2 lbs 3 oz.

These I took just last week!  

It's hard to get her quiet, to take pictures, this was on my craft table, so  I happened to have my camera handy.  You can see she's always in the middle of whatever I'm doing!

Look at the size of those feet ! She has the longest legs..

Here's she's 'helping' me with my photos and blog post! :)
have a great weekend!


Gloria Stengel said...

She is adorable! Milo is 11 weeks and 2.6 lbs. they grow way too fast. Keep taking photos so you can remember this stage!

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...


She is so adorable! She also seems to be very social...helping with blog posts and everything, lol! Glad to see you are having such a good time with her!